Meet Our Therapists

Mary, Licensed Massage Therapist at Atom Massage

Mary, LMT

Mary is a talented massage therapist with deep experience in Western and Eastern practices, who also embraces the soothing power of enhancing treatments such as cupping and aromatherapy. She is passionate about creating excellent experiences for her clients. When not at Atom Massage, Mary is also a wellness trainer at the Portland Beauty School.

Esther, Licensed Massage Therapist, Atom Massage

Esther, LMT

Esther is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a graduate of the Bodymecahnics School of Myotherapy and Massage (with 650 hours of training!). She specializes in manual lymph drainage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, and cupping. She chose to pursue massage therapy as a career because she believes it's a great path to wellness.

Polina, Licensed Massage Therapist, Atom Massage

Polina, LMT

Polina graduated from the Body Mechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage. She specializes in modalities such as Swedish deep tissue massage while support passive range of motion to ensure movement and enhance healing to the body; while actively helping clients identify and alleviate areas of concern. She really enjoys helping people feel better by pampering them and helping them to de-stress. Her goal is to leave clients feeling pampered and relaxed with less muscular tension than before.

Joy, Licensed Massage Therapist, Atom Massage

Joy, LMT

Joy has a long history of delivering quality experiences to his clients as a massage therapist. Over the years he has developed a well-honed technique that brings relief and calm to his clients. He specializes in foot reflexology and chair massage.

Anna, Licensed Massage Therapist, Atom Massage

Anna, LMT

Anna takes a whole-person approach when it comes to health and is passionate about bringing the best Eastern and Western massage treatments to clients. She is known for her skill at deep tissue massage and her commitment to the restorative value it can bring people.